New in November: illustrations of the beautiful city of Nantes

We thought long and hard to choose which mythical places in Nantes we were going to choose for our illustrations. I think it is more difficult to agree on cities that we know very well!

  • The Rings of Buren : retro poster in pastel tones

Let's start with this magnificent walk on the quays. The Rings of Buren are a work of Daniel Buren and Patrick Bouchain. It is a sculpture installed on the Quai des Antilles on the Île de Nantes . The Rings were created in 2007 as part of the biennial of contemporary art. They are made of steel and be careful at night they light up, it's really beautiful!

Whether it's in memory of trips, family walks on Sundays, I think we all agree, this little retro decoration is very nice!

  • La Tour Lu : story of a colorful revisited poster

I have always had a certain fascination for this monument in Nantes each time I passed by. In the station district of Nantes, this tower is a vestige of the former LU biscuit factory (yum yum, to me the little butters and the little schoolchildren). Take a look at the Château de Nantes site. is simply great for children and also parents...

The remaining buildings now house Le Lieu Unique , a space dedicated to Culture as I like them. This illustration was long and difficult to create, we can't imagine all the details. I tried to stay faithful to the colors and the architecture to offer you a poster at the top!

Before choosing a new illustration to offer you, we like above all that it resembles us a little and that this destination, this place makes you travel and especially dream so find all our posters on our site Olahoop Travel Posters just launched, a beautiful adventure that begins for us!

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