The novelty of January n°2: a short tour on the island of Noirmoutier

You asked for it, it has (finally) arrived! And here is a beautiful illustration of Noirmoutier… So as usual, what a lot of discussions to choose THE spot that will appeal to the greatest number, but also an original point of view. We set our sights on Anse Rouge .

As usual, I tried to find out a little more about this timeless forest. To my great surprise, there is real Mediterranean vegetation there: strawberry trees, maritime pines and mimosas… I love it :) That's when I discovered the Biscuiterie des Petits Cagniotes , and especially their mimosa marshmallows.
Let's not forget this somewhat retro postcard decor with these cabins on the three beaches: Plage des Dames , Plage des Sableaux and Anse Rouge so... They were built at the beginning of the 20th century by the owners of the magnificent villas that can be discovered while strolling.

I could not finish this blog post without mentioning the Gois, this unique submersible road in the world of more than 4km invisible half the time. It attracts birds, the curious, fishermen . For the record, it was created following the junction of two currents and the deposit of a large quantity of sand and mud at the slack of the sea. Nothing better than a beautiful video to show you discover . A life-size guided tour is now a must, isn't it?

Just like Toulouse, some of you would have preferred a poster of your family vacation spot, perhaps La Guérinière and its mills or the castle, but the desire for the beach was too strong at the start of the year, a little getaway… Discover our new formats without further delay on !

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