The novelty of January n°1: an illustration of the pink city ... Toulouse

Ô Toulouse sang Claude Nougaro in 1967, I think everyone knows this tune... From the Minimes district to the Place du Capitole, passing by the Basilic St Sernin or by taking a short tour of the very modern Cité de l' Space , it's hard to choose a place in this beautiful city. We decided on the Quai de la Daurade, a bit of freshness during the hot summer days in Occitania…
  • Quai de la Daurade: walk day and night

Whether it's to enjoy the view of the Garonne or admire the reflection of the plane trees, it's good to live in this Capitole district. I don't know if you've ever crossed the Pont-Neuf but if you didn't know, it's the oldest bridge in the city still standing at 220m long!
That's when you can head to the wonderful Brasserie Les Beaux-Arts . In its decor mixing Art Deco and Belle Epoque, lovers of Art Nouveau will be delighted. And of course, if you are like me, rather greedy, I invite you to taste some small dishes …

  • Light on an incubator collective of street artists: Cisart

As a creator and art lover, I absolutely could not ignore my discovery. Unfortunately, in these complicated times, I can't go see with my own eyes but to all Toulouse people, especially go ahead and enjoy!
As a true generator of artistic and cultural trends, the idea is to pollinate Culture and to be a real springboard for all these artists.
Go to the Aérochrome , nearly 3000 m² of walls to be bombarded in complete legality: this new site dedicated to urban cultures is located at 220 route de Grenade in Blagnac.

Even if some of you would have preferred another place in Toulouse, I like to believe that many of you share our choice, because what we love above all in these cities, wherever they are in the world, it is the tranquility of their river, their river or the sea that borders them…. Head over to Olahoo Travel Posters to check it out!

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